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Govs return to practice after rain on Monday

Posted on 12 August 2014 by Allen

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After having the misfortunate of missing a day’s practice because of Monday’s heavy rains occurred during each of the scheduled sessions, Austin Peay State University’s football team returned to work Tuesday morning to almost idyllic conditions.

But the results were not perfect from a defensive standpoint in the mid-70s temperatures. About half way through the practice head coach Kirby Cannon, who also is coordinating the defense this season, sent his defense for a pair of laps around Morgan Brothers Soccer Field.

“Whatever it takes to get them to practice right,” APSU coach Kirby Cannon said, “because anything less than game-like speed and game-like intensity and focus is a waste of time.

“It was all about focus or the lack of it. Today was a lot like a game where you get behind 14-0. You rally at the end but you still are going to lose. (It was) just one of those things that will happen every once in a while—as a group they are going to come out a little bit flat.”

Cannon admitted missing a work day—getting his team out of its normal routine–may have created some of Tuesday morning’s problems.

“Sometimes you get too much sleep and you want more—you wake up wanting even more sleep and left a little groggy, not quite focused,” Cannon said. “You kind of lose your rhythm of the day. We talked about it a couple of nights ahead of yesterday we are going to hit a stretch of a regular routine and gets some work done.”

Cannon has heaped praise on his team since it reported for its work ethic and business-like work manner. But Tuesday morning may have been the first time his freshmen may have acted, well, like freshmen.

“The right people (young players) were making the mistakes—that was generally true,” Cannon said. “We are still learning and that is generally an indication of your youth. They don’t really don’t know how to act—the demand of college football is so much more.

“It is a case of where if the older guys can show them the way, then they can pick it up pretty fast. However, if the older guys have a drop off, then the young ones are going to fall in line.”

Twice during practice the Governors went 11-on-11. The offense held the edge in the early session, including a long TD pass, but it was the defense that bounced back during the second go-around.

The Governors will continue with their practices this week culminating with Media Day, 9 a.m., Saturday, and a 3 o’clock scrimmage.

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