James Franklin wishes Vanderbilt well on Twitter

Posted on 25 August 2014 by Allen


Former Vanderbilt head football coach James Franklin took to Twitter today to wish his former team good luck on Thursday when they kick off the season against Temple.

A lot of people around town have been talking about this but it’s really much adieu about nothing. Franklin recruited most of the kids on Vanderbilt’s roster and even though he doesn’t work there anymore I’m sure he still wants to see them do well.

This summer Franklin made news when he showed up in Omaha to visit his buddy Tim Corbin who was coaching Vanderbilt in the College World Series.

Franklin and the Nittany Lions will kick off their season in Dublin, Ireland on Aug. 30 against UCF.

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Temple 37 Vanderbilt 7 F
Alabama 33 West Virginia 23 F
Arkansas 21 Auburn 45 F
LSU 28 Wisconsin 24