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Les Miles weighs in on Power 5 and paying players

Posted on 12 August 2014 by Allen

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With the Ed O’Bannon ruling and the Power 5 getting to make their own rules everyone is talking about the changes that are inevitably coming to college athletics. LSU head football coach Les Miles was asked on Sunday at the team’s media day about his thoughts on the matter. Miles never has been shy to say what he thinks and he brought up some good points.

The Power 5 vote, I think it’s good for college football. I think it’s the right thing. I think LSU will certainly look forward to participating in those rules discussions. Again, I think in the same vein that there will be separation from other conferences in the same vein, there is probably a necessity not to go too fast. Now the banning is the rule that you are allowed to use your own likeness in the NCAA is in the process of appealing that, correct? That is the legal ruling that you want me to comment on?

Yeah, I think that’s I guess really interesting. College for me was a time where everybody was poor and it was really comfortable, and you wore blue jeans and your shirt wasn’t just perfect, but that’s the way it was. You were in college. I think that’s kind of how I grew up. I think there is probably legal precedent for now how do you make that a right rule for everybody. That’s a tough one.

There will be some guys whose jerseys will sell for $200,000 a year, and other guys whose jerseys won’t net them a dime. So it’s going to be one for the NCAA to adjudicate and make it fair. Certainly in places in this state you have to think that there would be a number of people that would buy jerseys. So there would be schools in the Power 5 conferences where that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. So you might be able to, in a recruiting talk say to a young man, you know what? I would be willing to bet I mean, last year’s running back made $200,000 just on selling his shirt. I would be willing to bet that should you set this up that that might well happen.

I think that those kinds of scenarios are something that really needs to be looked at and said which is right and fair.

Again, I think we’re at a time in the NCAA where there is a lot of necessary scrutiny on what rules need to be in place, and what rules do not. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Right now the NCAA is appealing the ruling in the O’Bannon case but as it stands players can get around $20 grand when they eligibility expires from the school for using their likeness. The kids should get something but once the Power 5 start calling their own shots the whole situation could get even murkier.

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