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Titans Picks: Week 7 vs Redskins

Posted on 19 October 2014 by Allen


This is a tough one. The Titans played tough against a basement team last week and barely won, almost justifying my favoring the jags. Oh well. On to the pick.

The Redskins have been hot and cold so far this season. They’re in a tough division, and their team is better than their record suggests. Cousins, meanwhile throws pick after pick, only having one decent game since taking over for RG3.

The Titans have a weak offense, Whitehurst had the second lowest QBR last week. Besides that, the Titans have a poor turnover margin overall.

Although Cousins might throw a pick or two, I see the Redskins playing tough D and pulling out the win at home.

Redskins 21 Titans 17

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