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Titans Picks: Week 8 vs Texans

Posted on 26 October 2014 by Allen


Two words – rookie quarterback, should clarify things well. The Titans have won a few, but the Texans have a Defense reminiscent of the greatest Super Bowl teams. JJ Watt is earning every penny he is being paid, devouring QBs in the process. Jadeveon Clowney, number 1 draft pick, is also back in action too, so he’ll be aching for some sacks. A friend is taking in mega fantasy points by drafting the Texans D in our fantasy draft. Overall the Texans are in the playoff hunt, and won’t be deterred by a Titans team nowhere near that level.

In other news Shonn Greene was arrested on Friday. A millionaire parked in a handicap spot, driving with a suspended license. What an idiot. If only pacman were still a Titan they could swap stories. But I digress. As for on the field issues, the Titans have plenty. Their offense hasn’t produced, hence the QB change. The offense is ranked 17th or worse in almost every statistical category so far this year. Their defense is barely keeping them in games, ranked 20th overall in the league right now. I don’t see much hope for them in this game.

Texans 24 Titans 17

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