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Vandy Hoops add permanent home and home with UK, Florida, and UT

Posted on 29 May 2015 by Allen

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The SEC office has announced that Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee have been named Vanderbilt’s permanent men’s basketball home and home opponents.

The Southeastern Conference announced a men’s basketball scheduling model beginning in 2015-16 that features three permanent opponents.

Each SEC team will play the other 13 teams at least one time during league play. They will then play their three permanent opponents a second time and the remaining two games will be scheduled on a rotating basis.

The 2016 men’s basketball schedule will be announced in August.

By picking up Kentucky twice it really gives the Dores a bump in RPI which is always nice to have at the end of the season when the selection committee is picking teams for the NCAA Tournament.

Permanent Opponents
Alabama — Auburn / Mississippi State / LSU
Arkansas — Missouri / Texas A&M / LSU
Auburn — Alabama / Ole Miss / Georgia
Florida — Kentucky / Georgia / Vanderbilt
Georgia — South Carolina / Florida / Auburn
Kentucky — Florida / Tennessee / Vanderbilt
LSU — Texas A&M / Alabama / Arkansas
Ole Miss — Mississippi State / Auburn / Missouri
Mississippi State — Ole Miss / Alabama / South Carolina
Missouri — Arkansas / Texas A&M / Ole Miss
South Carolina — Georgia / Tennessee / Mississippi State
Tennessee — Vanderbilt / Kentucky / South Carolina
Texas A&M — LSU / Arkansas / Missouri
Vanderbilt — Tennessee / Kentucky / Florida

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Temple 37 Vanderbilt 7 F
Alabama 33 West Virginia 23 F
Arkansas 21 Auburn 45 F
LSU 28 Wisconsin 24