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Freshman Ralph Webb named starting running back for Vanderbilt

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Freshman Ralph Webb named starting running back for Vanderbilt

Posted on 26 August 2014 by Allen

derek mason vandy

All summer Vanderbilt fans were wondering who would be the starting quarterback on West End. Head coach Derek Mason put an end to all the speculation last week when he named Patton Robinette as his starter.

Today when the depth chart was released for Temple there was a little surprise that a lot of Vandy fans didn’t see coming. Redshirt freshman Ralph Webb was named the starting running back over Brian Kimbrow. Jerron Symour would likely be the starter but he is battling injuries.

Kimbrow was a highly touted running back from Memphis who turned down some big time programs like Ohio State to come to Vanderbilt. His attitude held him back some last year when he got into James Frankin’s doghouse after venting on Twitter about playing time. This time around he seems okay with it, at least publicly. Kimbrow will still get plenty of carries this year.

Webb turned a lot of heads in the 2014 Black and Gold Game when he ran for 114 yards on 14 carries. He had a very good camp and won the job once Seymour was ruled out Temple.

The running back from Gainesville, FL flew under the radar as a senior in high school. He signed with Vanderbilt in 2013 with offers from Boston College and a few other middle-tier programs. Now as the starter in week one he will have a chance to show his stuff on the SEC Network when Temple comes to town on Thursday.

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McCrary says he is Vanderbilt’s 3rd string QB

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McCrary says he is Vanderbilt’s 3rd string QB

Posted on 23 August 2014 by Allen

McCrary Vanderbilt

The dust has settled on West End and Patton Robinette has emerged as the starting quarterback at Vanderbilt. Coach Derek Mason made the announcement on Thursday. Robinette beat out Stephen Rivers and Johnny McCrary to win the job after Josh Grady, Wade Freebeck and Shawn Stankavage were eliminated from the competition early on.

Although Mason announced the starter he did not announce who was the backup or how the depth chart shook out at QB for week one. But yesterday McCrary posted on Instagram that he is the third string QB.

If McCrary is indeed the third string QB that means that Rivers is the backup and would come in if something happened to Robinette.

It was thought that McCrary would be the starter this year after redshirting. Former Dores coach James Franklin was very high on him and was grooming him to take over. But with a new coaching staff all bets were off and McCrary had to battle against 5 other QBs. Robinette won out but hopefully it will motivate McCrary to work harder and he won’t become a distraction the team.

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